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Upcoming Events

March 7

Headliner Performance: American Choral Directors Association Western Division Conference

Brandon Elliott and Choral Arts Initiative join colleagues and friends at the ACDA Western Conference as one of the headliner choirs. They will present a collection of fresh compositions, exploring the themes of becoming and belonging.

March 10

Choral Arts Initiative: Tapestry of Becoming

Tapestry of Becoming takes you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, resilience, transformation, and love. Featuring four commissioned works, the pieces talk about finding your place in the world, loving yourself, and appreciating everything life has to offer. There's a metaphorical story about a river bravely entering the vast ocean, becoming something greater in the process. The pieces also give blessings for peace, harmony, and eternal grace, showing the importance of hope and trust. You'll find a longing to connect with nature and the elements, finding comfort in the music of the mountains. The program ends with a powerful message of strength and faith, celebrating life's unyielding spirit. Join us for this captivating musical journey.

March 15

Clinician & Adjudicator: Saddleback Valley USD

Serving as a choral clinician and adjudicator for the Saddleback Valley Unified School District Choral Festival.

April 26

Saddleback College: Spring Choral Performance

Featuring a variety of choral works and solos by some of our voice majors. 

May 4

Saddleback College: Spring Choral & Jazz Performance

The Saddleback College Chamber Singers join forces with the Jazz Band to perform the world premiere of Nulla Lux composed by Professor Joey Sellers.

May 19

Choral Arts Initiative: Tapestry of Connection

Join us as we explore themes of identity, belonging, and connection. Esmail's She Will Transform You reflects on feeling disconnected from one's homeland and the hope for a better future for the next generation. Berko's  We Listen celebrates the interconnectedness of the world and the power of empathy to create unity.  Choi's Sometimes We Talk Past Each Other dives into nostalgia, time's passing, and the desire for connection. Overall, the program captures human experiences and emotions, inviting readers to reflect on their own self-discovery journeys and the power of empathy and art to forge connections.

June 28

Choral Arts Initiative: PREMIERE|Project Festival

PREMIERE|Project Festival is a world-class destination for living composers.  Spending a weeklong residency with Choral Arts Initiative, twelve select composers will complete a workshop-commission experience that culminates in this final performance!  

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